Crates vs cardboard boxes for office moves in Brisbane

An office move can be disruptive to any business. With careful planning and flexibility by your office movers, this disruption can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

At Premier Removals we’ve recently taken the decision to use crates on all our office moves in Brisbane.

Crates offer many advantages in comparison to cardboard boxes and we will cover these below.

Our crates are approximately 68L capacity. These are bigger than a standard archive or book box, but smaller than a tea chest box. We hire these for $2.50 per week with one included dolly so your staff can maneuver the crates without needing to lift them.

Some of the benefits of crates are:

If you’re planning an office move or commercial relocation in Brisbane, let us help you out. We’re equipped to handle all sorts of small and medium office and commercial relocations, and have experienced partners to tackle large jobs too.