Removals during the coronavirus pandemic

More than three weeks into the government response to Covid-19, many of us are already becoming used to restrictions on our day to day life.
As a Brisbane removalist, one thing that Premier Removals is finding every day is that our customers and prospective customers are as confused as ever. Every day we are receiving calls asking things like “are you still operating?”, “will we be allowed to travel to our new home”, “what precautions are you taking?” and “will we have to self-isolate after moving?”.

Below we will attempt to address some of the scenarios and answer some of the common questions to give clarity about moving home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

With interest rates lower than ever and real estate prices flat, many people believe it is a good time to invest in real estate. For renters, lower rental prices can mean a great opportunity to upgrade to nicer accommodation. Whatever the case, it is good to know moving is possible, and can be safely done during the coronavirus crisis. Premier Removals is ready to provide you a quote and help you in this process.