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Your Brisbane Prepackers

Premier Removals strives to become Brisbane’s number one local movers. In addition to our local and interstate removals services and our box store, Premier Removals also offers prepacking and unpacking services. Let us take charge of the time consuming process of safely packing up your kitchenware, antiques, knick knacks, clothing and more.

Moving home should be an exciting time, so leave one of the most daunting and overwhelming parts to us. When you arrive to your new place all of your items that we pack will be neatly organised by room, draw and cupboard, but if you need help unpacking, we can help. We can help you to pack the entire house, or just the more delicate areas like the kitchen.

Brisbane Prepacking and Unpacking Services

At Premier Removals we promise to give you the same great service whether you’re moving a studio apartment, or a 5 bedroom home. We’re committed to being honest and delivering on what we promise, to being reliable and never leaving you stranded, to being empathetic and treating your family, home and belongings with utmost respect and to maintaining great communication so you’re always in the loop. Needless to say we will always be ready with the right crew, truck and equipment for the job.

Why Choose Us

A lot of our customers are happy to pack their home for themselves. Despite this there are many cases where we believe it makes great sense to call Premier Removals for a professional packing service.

  • Time

When we pack a customers home we are very efficient. Typically we will pack around 6 boxes per hour per packer, with fragile items being a little slower, and non-fragile items like clothes and linen being much quicker. This means a packing team can pack a typical home or apartment in half a day. When our customers pack their own homes it is common for them to be overwhelmed and delay starting, or to get distracted with old memories and sentimental feelings for their belongings. Often this means we arrive to a removal job and can’t load many items because they are still unpacked.

  • Knowledge and resources

It might be fairly simple to pack your socks and undies – just throw them in a box and try not to mix the smelly ones with the clean ones! When it comes to kitchenware, ornaments, fine clothing and paintings it is a little more difficult. Our packers have the knowledge to safely wrap and pack these items for transport. A packing crew will arrive to your home with the regular boxes, tape and paper, but will also have other materials like acid free tissue paper for silverware and paintings and plastic covers for mattresses. If you have a special item with a peculiar shape, we can make a special box for it to keep it as safe as possible, or for very special items we can arrange for our partners to build a protective crate for it.

  • Stress

If you’re moving, chances are you have enough things to take care of with work, family, real estate and other commitments being high priority. The reality is packing is not the hardest thing in the world, but on top of many other responsibilities it can be overwhelming for our customers. Often this is worse in the case of people with larger homes, or people who have spent many years in the same home. Occasionally it can be so overwhelming customers delay packing to the point where the removalists arrive and not a single item is packed. This is an extreme example but given the relief that you can get from hiring an affordable prepacking service, why not contact us today?

  • Saving money

Whilst spending money usually is an anti-thesis of saving money, we believe there are many cases it makes great financial sense to spend on a packing service. Perhaps you’re a busy professional or a worker that charges by the hour, with our very affordable rates many clients find their time is better spent working from home, catching up on some admin, or simply relaxing as we do our thing. We also believe that a properly packed home will guarantee a quicker move (and not to mention a safer one). When we are doing a move with proper removalist boxes that are labelled and well packed, the time taken to load and unload the truck is often reduced, meaning the true cost of a prepacking service may be even less than our great rates suggest.

If a prepacking service suits you, please contact us. If you still prefer to do your own packing, visit our box store for great priced materials and ask us for some packing tips that we’ll be happy to share.

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