Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Premier Removals do last minute moves in Brisbane?2019-07-03T15:54:48+00:00

The answer to this is a ‘sometimes’.  We often get contacted by people who have had last minute cancellations by other removalists. Call us on 1300547463 or in after hours times use our callback request form to get in contact. If we have the crew available, we’ll help you out.

Does Premier Removals charge depot fees?2022-08-05T11:22:09+00:00

Where Premier Removals performs a move on an hourly rate basis, time will be billed between departure from our Archerfield depot to return to this depot after the completion of the move. This allows for sustainable and fair employment where our workers are paid for the full time involved in carrying out a move. For a fixed price quote this time will be built into the quoted price.

Does Premier Removals double book?2019-07-03T15:51:49+00:00

Premier Removals does not ‘double book’ moves. Often we will schedule a team to perform two moves in the same day, however contingencies will exist to ensure that the second move is not excessively delayed.


My move has changed, what do I do?2019-07-03T15:51:40+00:00

It is normal for your requirements to change as your moving day approaches. If you have any changes to your inventory, addresses, dates, times or other things, it is important to notify Premier Removals ASAP. This will ensure we have the right team, vehicle and allocated time slot to serve you correctly.


I’ve accepted a quote, how do I schedule my move?2019-07-03T15:51:32+00:00

Once you have indicated to us you accept our quote, we will be in contact to talk about your specific requirements for scheduling. Once your move is scheduled you will receive either a confirmation email or an order for service which serves to confirm your move.

Note: until you have received an email or order for service confirming your move is booked, no agreement exists. A quote alone is not a guarantee that we will be able to service you on the requested date.


Do I need to pay a deposit to book a move?2019-07-03T15:51:14+00:00

For the majority of the year you do not need to pay a deposit to book a move. Between the months of November, December and January a small $100 deposit will be required to secure a move. This deposit is fully refundable when your move is cancelled or rescheduled with at least 48 hours notice.


Can I make various stops for pickup or drop-off?2019-07-03T15:50:59+00:00

You can make additional stops for pickup or drop-off and have the option to add this request in our quote enquiry form. To add this service after making your booking contact us.


How do I book a move with Premier Removals?2019-07-03T15:50:48+00:00

To begin the process of booking a move simply fill out our quote enquiry form. Once we receive this enquiry, we will assess the information provided and be in contact to obtain more details such as the inventory. With this information we will provide a quote which you will be able to review and accept


What do you do if there is a long distance to the truck?2019-07-03T15:49:14+00:00

In some apartment buildings and properties the truck must be left a very long distance away from the main access point of the building. Premier Removals has large removals dollies to be as efficient as possible in these cases. In some cases it is worthwhile to arrange a ferry vehicle (ute or van) to minimise time spent walking to and from the truck.

Do I need to arrange lift access?2019-07-03T15:48:59+00:00

In most larger apartment and office buildings it is absolutely necessary to arrange exclusive access to a lift. Without exclusive access, the time taken on the job will dramatically increase. Your building manager will arrange this and may require proof of our liability insurance. Just let us know if this is required.


Do I need to arrange parking permits?2019-07-03T15:48:45+00:00

In Brisbane, the city council does not offer a special permit for removalist trucks. Certain building managers in large apartments and offices may require permits to be arranged in order to park on the property.

I live in front of a busy road/clearway, what to do?2019-07-03T15:48:21+00:00

Please notify us at the time of the quote. We will seek to arrive after the clearway time and peak hour traffic ends.


Where will the removalists park the truck?2019-07-03T15:48:09+00:00

In a normal house move, the truck will be parked as close as possible to the main door or garage door to minimise time spent walking back and forth from the truck. In the event there is no space on the driveway, the truck will be parked nearby in the street and traffic cones placed to demarcate a safe zone for loading and unloading.

In an apartment or office move, check with your property manager to see if exclusive access can be given to a loading dock or off street loading area.


My neighbourhood has limited street parking, what do do?2019-07-03T15:48:04+00:00

It is recommended that you communicate with your neighbours and request that they leave street parking spaces for the removalist truck. It may also be worthwhile for you to park your own car(s) in front of your property to reserve spaces.


Do I need to empty my fridge?2019-07-03T15:46:10+00:00

It is very important that you empty your fridge before it is moved. For a local move, it is sufficient to do this on the day of the move. It is recommended to move food items into eskies or cooler bags and to advise your removalists if you want the fridge to be unloaded quickly at the destination.

For a long distance move or a move into storage it is recommended to turn the fridge off 24 hours ahead, leaving time for it to be defrosted and for condensation to evaporate.

Should I label fragile items?2019-07-03T15:45:37+00:00

If you choose to do your own packing it is very important to label fragile items. You can use stickers or simply write in an obbious place on the job. There are three types of information you can label:

-Fragile: use to label all boxed fragile items
-This way up: use this to label boxes that must be kept the right way up (e.g. boxes of liquids)
-Top load only: use this label for boxes that must not have any other items placed on top of them (e.g. a boxed LCD screen)

If I hire Premier Removals to pack, when will the packing be done?2019-07-03T15:45:46+00:00

Generally the packing will be scheduled for the day prior to your move. Essential items will be left out to be packed on the day. For small moves we can sometimes schedule the packing on the same day of your move.

How should I go about packing my own home?2019-07-03T15:44:12+00:00

Coming soon

Can Premier Removals sell me boxes?2019-07-03T15:43:51+00:00

Premier Removals sells strong, double walled boxes, packing paper, protective mattress covers and more at great prices. Check our box store for some of our products and soon you will be able to buy online.

Can Premier Removals pack my home?2019-07-03T15:43:27+00:00

Premier Removals can assist you with professional prepacking and unpacking services to greatly reduce the burden on you. Whether you need your entire home packed, or just certain areas like the kitchen, we can help. Our methods and quality materials will greatly reduce the risk of damage.

How and when do I pay for my move?2019-07-03T15:42:14+00:00

We accept cash, bank transfer or credit card* for payment. On hourly jobs payment will be due after completion of the job. On interstate and fixed price moved, payment will be due upon the commencement of unloading.

Credit card payments will have a 2% surcharge.

What should I do if something is damaged?2019-07-03T15:41:56+00:00

If an item is damaged it is advised that you take a record of it and advise Premier Removals no later than 24 hours after the completion of the move.

Can I (or somebody else) help with the move2019-07-03T15:41:38+00:00

You are welcome to assist by carrying smaller items and boxes to and from the truck or a staging area. It is requested that you do not enter the back of the truck nor interfere as your removalists are carrying larger items.

Should I tip my removalists?2019-09-05T12:29:02+00:00

The decision to give a tip to your removalists is at your discretion. As tip is appreciated, but the removalists earn a fair wage so it is certainly not required.

Will the removalists stop for lunch and refreshments?2019-09-05T12:28:41+00:00

The decision to stop for lunch or refreshments is at the discretion of the removalists on the day. Removals is a very strenuous job especially in the hot climate of Brisbane. If the choice is made to stop for lunch this time will be deducted from your bill (on hourly jobs).

Will the removalists place my belongings where I choose?2019-07-03T15:40:31+00:00

Your removalists will generally load boxes first, followed by furniture. When unloading, furniture will come off first and we will seek your advice regarding the placement of each item. After the completion of the unload we are happy to help with the minor adjustments.

Will my move go ahead if the weather is bad?2019-09-05T12:28:43+00:00

Your furniture and belongings will always be prepared with blanket wrap and other techniques. The floor at the entrance to your property will be protected by blankets or floor runners. Normal rain will not affect the moving process.

In the event of torrential or flooding rain, work may be stopped at the discretion of the lead removalist. In the event work is stopped, the removalists will remain as busy as possible preparing furniture and staging it closer to the truck to minimise wasted time.

In the event of extreme summer heat the removalists will bring plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Will multiple trips be required (on my local move)?2019-07-03T15:37:20+00:00

Premier Removals will strive to always match you up with the right sized truck for the job. Our one trip guarantee means that in the event that you provide an accurate inventory and we can’t fit it all in, the travel time on the second trip will not be charged.

How long will my move take?2019-07-03T15:36:57+00:00

The following times are a very general guide and will be affected by factors such as access, crew size, difficult or unusual items to be moved, preparation by the customer and weather.

1 bedroom 2.5-3.5 hours
2 bedrooms 3-4.5 hours
3 bedrooms 4-6 hours
4 bedrooms 5-8 hours
5+ bedrooms 6-9 hours

For office moves there are too many variables to provide a general guide.

What items can Premier Removals NOT move?2019-07-03T15:35:31+00:00

Broadly speaking Premier Removals can not move any item that is flammable, explosive, dangerous or otherwise prohibited by law. These items include but at not limited to gas bottles, pool chemicals, fuel and oil, paint and paint strippers, fire extinguishers, firearms, car batteries and live animals.

Certain items may require special preparation including cleaning (e.g. BBQs, garden tools) and draining fuels (lawn mowers, whipper snippers).

Plants can be carried on local moves but must be dry and not have been recently watered. On interstate moves plants will not be carried.

Can Premier Removals remove my TV from the wall?2019-07-03T15:34:55+00:00

We are able to take your TV off its mounting bracket, but we cannot remove the bracket from the wall or install new brackets.

Can Premier Removals connect my appliances?2019-07-03T15:34:35+00:00

Our removalists are not licensed plumbers however we are able to assist with the basic connection and disconnection of a washing machine. This will be done at the discretion of the removalist and it is the responsibility of the client to check the soundness of the connections. We can also assist in unplugging and reconnecting standard electronic items if required. We will not assist with any hard wired or gas appliances.

Can Premier Removals disassemble my furniture?2019-07-03T15:33:46+00:00

Premier Removals can assist disassembling and reassembling most basic items of furniture including beds, tables, hutches, mirrors on dressers, modular lounges, wall mounted TVs, basic flat pack items etc.

A third party or prior arrangement is required for disassembly and reassembly of items such as pool tables, pianos, chandeliers, gym equipment, trampolines and complex flat pack items.

How will I know when my removalists are on the way?2019-07-03T15:33:03+00:00

Our policy is for the driver or lead removalist to call and advise you before heading out to your move. Any delays or deviations from the scheduled times will be advised as soon as possible.

Can you move antiques and art works?2019-07-03T15:32:19+00:00

We are well equipped to handle antiques and properly protect the delicate features of these items. Art work is handled on a case by case basis. Where the value or condition of the art work exceeds our risk tolerance we are happy to recommend specialist providers.

Can you move large items of furniture such as wardrobes, pianos, pool tables, safes?2019-07-03T15:31:05+00:00

We can move these items. In some cases additional equipment or specialist help may be required and may incur additional fees. These fees will be detailed ahead of time in a written quote.

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    Fiona L

    “Michael helped me out of a tight spot when my other removalists fell through at short notice and offered to help me move on Australia Day! He was so professional and with all the correct gear – I was so impressed at the way he loaded my entire house contents into the truck and secured it all carefully. Don’t hesitate to use him for really professional moving services. Five star service”


    Nigel R

    “Michael took great care with my antique and other furniture. He was reliable, communicated very well and was very courteous. Both he and his offsider did a great job – it was a pleasure working with them.”


    Kevin W

    “Michael and his team were very professional, great communication from the start, very organized. We are very happy with his service, highly recommended.”

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